The rise of YA

It’s kind of funny that I’ve ended up being a high school librarian, because when I was a teenager, I didn’t even read YA. I remember reading some Cynthia Voigt in about fifth grade, but that’s it. I was in an accelerated program through middle and high school, so I went from Roald Dahl and Babysitter’s Club to The Perfect Storm and Shakespeare. After all of the required reading in high school, I simply went on to read adult novels and non-fiction in college. So I just never really dipped my toe in the pool of YA. Until now! In the last five years, I’ve been able to find out what I was missing out on. YA has really become such a strong part of best-selling fiction now, and I can see why. The books I read are so well written and full of heart, that I see why they appeal not just to 15-18 year olds, but to adults, too. Check out this article to see my point. Three of the best-selling books this year were YA, and two were written by YA god John Green. I heard somewhere that his book Paper Towns will be turned into a movie, so I’m looking forward to see if lightning can strike twice, not to mention how cool it will be to see Orlando on the big screen (I’m a native Floridian).