Little free libraries could be in danger

Not to sound cynical, but why does it seem like for every nice little thing, there’s someone waiting to ruin it for everyone? I think we commonly refer to these people as “haters.” It seems like now those adorable little free public libraries are being targeted. What the heck?! I can’t even begin to imagine the type of person who decides these are an annoyance, but these people exist. I haven’t been lucky enough to come across one of these, but I think the idea is so sweet and of course to me, any library is a good library. Protect our little free libraries!


Libraries aren’t dead!

I’ve never worried too much about the demise of libraries because I’ve worked at a public library and I’ve seen how busy they still are, especially during the bad economic times. Proving my lack of worry right, a recent study from the Pew Research Center shows that more than two-thirds of Americans are actively engaged with libraries. I came across this article that explains people still trust libraries to help them find accurate information, and socially engaged people understand the importance of libraries in the community. Even active community members who have never been to the library were found to understand their civic importance. And a bonus little fun fact, these people are called “Distant Admirers.” Isn’t that cute! The most engaged group is known as “Library Lovers.” What are you called if you love libraries AND are a lifetime employee of them? Hmm…

But what struck my attention for this blog is that this study disproved a common misconception- that technology is killing people’s interest in libraries. It found that the biggest technology users are also the biggest library users! Smartphones, e-readers, and Google have not killed off people’s love of libraries and actual books. But honestly, I’ve seen how libraries, both public and schools, have been changing to embrace and offer more technology, so this isn’t a shocker for me. Smart people are smart people, and they realize the important of libraries and trustworthy information.