The Maze Runner trailer is here!

If you haven’t read the Maze Runner series by James Dashner, or even just the first novel, hurry– you have until September, because that’s when the movie adaptation is slated to come out in theaters. Watch the trailer here and GET EXCITED! I just finished the second book in the series last night, and boy, was that a nail-biter. The first book feels like another Hunger Games when you start out, but the twist at the end hooks you, and that’s what brought me back. The Maze Runner was a Florida Teen Read selection a couple of years ago, and I make it part of my job to read all 15 titles every year, but only really special books bring me back to read the rest of the series (it seems like 90% of the titles become series). This series is super action-packed, and the second one is downright macabre. It looks like the movie is really well done and will do the book justice. I hope it brings more fans to the book series!


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